Rehoboth Community Cemetery, Cave Spring, Georgia

Located four miles west of Cave Spring, Georgia, on Highway 411, approximately 1 1/2 miles from the Alabama line. This cemetery was established in 1886 quite by accident when travelers were camped about 1/2 mile south of the cemetery site and one of their children became ill and died. They were camped on the property of Mr. Radford Ellis, Sr. who gave them permission to bury their child in his field. Later, Mr. Ellis donated approximately one acre to be used as a community cemetery.

The first grave in the cemetery, the child of this traveler, whose name has been forgotten, is in # 9-42 on the enclosed plot grid. Across the road from the cemetery stands Rehoboth Baptist Church, which was organized October 15, 1876.

Original information was compiled in 1988 by: William J. Barnett of Rome, Ga. and Mary Evelyn Barnett Huckaby of Lindale, Ga.

Names in this user contribution include Angel, Ashburn, Austin, Baker, Barker, Barnes, Barnett, Beavers, Brown, Bruce, Buchannan, Butler, Carr, Chapman, Chatman, Coffin, Coffman, Crawford, Cribb, Dempsey, Dudley, Dupree, Ellis, Epling, Evans, Fortson, Fuqua, Gladney, Graham, Greenwood, Hackworth, Hanson, Henegar, Highfield, Hunter, Infant, Jones, King, Langston, Locklear, McGee, Mitchell, Mobley, Montgomery, Morgan, Neal, Norton, Parrish, Paxton, Popham, Powers, Pruitt, Richardson, Rigsby, Robertson, Rogers, Rosser, Shaw, Smith, Stephens, Storey, Swiney, Terry, Thompson, Trotter, Watkins, West, Whorton, Wiley, Williamon, Wilson, Wood.

Labels: Georgia, Cemetery Records

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