Preeminant Americans 1893 - Volume IV Index

Biographical Sketches of Preeminant Americans, with One hundred and Twenty Photogravure Portraits, Volume IV.

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By Frederick G. Harrison

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Names in this user contribution include Andrew, Arthur, Banks, Blaine, Brooks, Burnside, Butler, Carlisle, Cleveland, Corliss, Cox, Custer, Dawes, Depew, Edison, Garfield, Grant, Hancock, Harrison, Hayes, Hoar, Howe, Kane, Lowell, McKinley, Morton, Motley, Sheridan, Sherman, Taylor, Thurman, Tilden.

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This page features a user contributed or public domain transcription that was digitized (filmed or scanned) at an offsite repository, and submitted to the Genealogy Today Free Data Archive for hosting. The list of family names above represents unique last names of individuals discovered in this resource.

This resource was contributed by Anonymous Gift.

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