Pink Mary, 1733, Passenger List

Sept. 29, arrival of the ship Pink Mary, of Dublin, from Rotterdam, last from Rotterdam. -- extracted from A Collection of Upwards of Thirty Thousand Names of German, Swiss, Dutch, French and other Immigrants in Pennsylvania, from 1727 to 1776 with a Statement of the names of Ships, whence they sailed, and the date of their arrival in Philadelphia. Second Revised and Enlarged Edition with German Translation.

By I. Daniel Rupp

Names in this user contribution include Apple, Berkel, Berkle, Billig, Blaser, Braun, Breninger, Breuninger, Dill, Dorfflinger, Dries, Dury, Franck, Friedly, Funck, Gottel, Hammer, Harlacher, Hite, Hoffman, Holtz, Karcher, Keller, Kohler, Lap, Lapp, Loscher, Moretz, Ney, Noll, Pfaffenberger, Rambach, Rambaoh, Reich, Reichenbach, Retelsberger, Riebell, Rothrock, Sauer, Schlahach, Slabach, Soder, Sooter, Spengler, Stickler, Teutscher, Teutseher, Theusler, Trump, Warner, Wingertmann, Yorde.

Labels: Pennsylvania, Immigration & Passenger Lists

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