Oswald Outlines (1984-1997)

Oswald Outlines was a series of published surname booklets compiled by Donna Potter Phillips from 1984 to 1997.

This paper series was a pre-computer, typically late 1980s, attempt to create and then offer a type of genealogical database. Information contained in these booklets (or "volumes") was requested, solicited, gathered and accepted from any source on any Oswald family from any locality and any time period (mostly U.S.). Both previously and never-before published material was included in the thousands of pages of Oswald Profiles. Hundreds of Oswald families are represented. You may find the searching methods to be dinosaur-like (each index of each booklet) but "good stuff" is there, Donna promises.

ISSN 0890-2631.

By Donna Potter Phillips

  • Oswald Outlines, Volume 01, Fall 1984
  • Oswald Outlines, Volume 02, Spring 1985
  • Oswald Outlines, Volume 03, December 1985
  • Oswald Outlines, Volume 04, August 1986
  • Oswald Outlines, Volume 05, August 1988
  • Oswald Outlines, Volume 06, August 1989
  • Oswald Outlines, Volume 07, July 1993
  • Oswald Outlines, Volume 08, July 1993
  • Oswald Outlines, Volume 09, August 1995
  • Oswald Outlines, Volume 10, August 1995
  • Oswald Outlines, Volume 11, March 1997

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    Here are some of the individuals discovered in this resource:

  • Felix Leopold Oswald (1845 - 1906)
  • John Clyde Oswald (1872 - 1938)
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