Oklahoma Veterans Cemetery 1921-1944 Burials

Management and maintenance of the cemetery is provided by the Oklahoma Military Department.

Names in this user contribution include Bailey, Bickett, Branson, Brixley, Byford, Campbell, Childers, Clark, Collard, Conaway, Conway, Cornell, Cravens, Davis, Ellis, Farrington, Findley, Flannary, Floyd, Harbert, Hathaway, Hawkins, Hold, Kelly, Kerr, King, LaFaver, Lumley, Martin, McCabe, McCarty, McMillan, Montogmery, Moore, Morrison, Nausler, O'Brien, Perringer, Ravenscroft, Russell, Rutter, Seaman, Seeds, Sidener, Smith, Snyder, Stephens, Stucker, Sutton, Taylor, Titus, Vanatta, Walker, Warner, Williams, Wood.

Labels: Oklahoma, Cemetery Records

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