7th Battalion Confederate Cavalry, Virginia

The following file contains the records of 426 men. This is only about half of those presumed to have served. It has been supplemented from other official and unofficial sources, including but not limited to family histories, county histories, cemetery records.

Abbreviations: AWOL. Absent without leave, B. Born, Cem. Cemetery, D. Died, DFR Dropped from the Roll, disch Discharged, Hosp Hospitalized, KIA Killed in Action, NFR No further record, POW Captured/Prisoner of War, Pres. Present, PWR Post War Roster or Record, Res. Resident, rlsd released, WIA Wounded in Action.

Names in this user contribution include Adams, Addington, Adkins, Akers, Allen, Artrip, Ashby, Auxier, Back, Bailey, Baker, Baldwin, Banner, Baptist, Bartee, Bates, Berry, Beverely, Bevins, Bickley, Boggs, Bolin, Bolling, Bond, Branham, Breeding, Brians, Brickey, Bright, Brooks, Brown, Bruce, Bryant, Buchanan, Bumgardner, Burchett, Burk, Cantrell, Carroll, Carter, Case, Casebolt, Cassell, Castle, Chaney, Chapman, Chase, Childress, Church, Clay, Cock, Collier, Combs, Cook, Couch, Cox, Craft, Creech, Cross, Dale, Darnell, Davidson, Davis, Deal, Dearfield, Dickenson, Dinsmore, Dockery, Dodson, Dollarhide, Dorton, Dotson, Durham, Dyer, Elam, Eldridge, Elkins, Elliott, Estep, Evans, Fields, Flanary, Fleenor, Fleming, Fraley, Francisco, French, Fry, Fulton, Gardener, Gibson, Glenn, Goodpasture, Gordon, Gose, Greear, Green, Greer, Grose, Grubb, Guerrant, Habbard, Hager, Hale, Hall, Hamilton, Hanley, Harden, Harman, Harris, Hart, Hays, Hendricks, Hensley, Hibbits, Hicks, Hill, Hillman, Hoge, Holbrook, Horn, Howard, Hubbard, Hunley, Hurd, Hurst, Jackson, Jayne, Jenks, Jones, Jordan, Keaton, Keel, Keese, Keeth, Kenady, Kendall, Kilgore, King, Kiser, Laforce, Landers, Lane, Lee, Lewis, Likens, Long, Lucas, Lyon, Lyons, Marks, Maxwell, May, McCarty, McClanahan, McConnell, McFall, McFarland, McLaughlin, McLemore, McMurray, Minton, Moore, Mullins, Murphy, Murray, Musick, Neal, Neely, Nelson, New, Nichols, O'neal, Oney, Osborn, Osborne, Osburn, Patterson, Pennington, Perkey, Perry, Peters, Phillips, Poe, Poindexter, Porter, Powers, Prentice, Prichett, Puckett, Ramey, Rasnick, Ratcliff, Ratliff, Reedy, Repass, Rhiner, Richardson, Roberts, Robinett, Robinson, Rose, Sams, Sanders, Semones, Sexton, Shepard, Short, Skeen, Skeens, Slipp, Smith, Sowards, Sparks, Stacy, Stallard, Standifer, Stanley, Stanly, Starnes, Stenbaugh, Steward, Stewart, Stidham, Stinson, Sturgill, Sturmbaugh, Sutherland, Sykes, Taylor, Thompson, Tiller, Tolbert, Turner, Vanover, Waddell, Walling, Weddington, Wetzel, Wheatley, Whitaker, White, Williams, Wilson, Wise, Wolf, Wright.

Labels: Virginia, Military Records

This page features a user contributed or public domain transcription that was submitted to the Genealogy Today Free Data Archive for hosting. The list of family names above represents unique last names of individuals discovered in this resource.

This resource was contributed by Jeff Weaver.

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